4 things to consider when getting a ceiling fan for your home

Ceiling fans combine function and form into one compact piece. It can be a gorgeous addition to any room while giving a delightful cooling breeze. They are a cost-effective way to cool or warm any room without the need for air conditioning. But before you look online for a ceiling fan installation Brisbane wide, you need to consider these things.

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Room space and fan location

The first thing to look at is the space of the room. How big the room is will be the biggest factor in your choice of fan. Luckily, many ceiling fan installation Brisbane shops sell ceiling fans in a wide variety of sizes. Determine the size of the room. It should be at least 75 square feet or more to so it could fit the smallest fans available.

Another to look into is the location and placement of the ceiling fan. Mark where you want to mount it on the ceiling and make sure that nothing obstructs with the airflow. The blades should also not pass in front of downlights to prevent strobing. To fix this, install downlights with narrower cones of illumination or use recessed downlights so you can adjust angles.

Ceiling height

With ceiling fans, ceiling height can also play a huge role in your selection. Too low and your fan could be a potential safety hazard. Too high and you might not get the air to circulate properly. Most standard ceiling heights of about 8”-10” can comfortably fit most electrician fan installation.

For spaces with higher ceiling heights, you can use down rods to close the gap between the ceiling and floor. They can come in different lengths depending on the manufacturer.

The look

An aesthetically pleasing room is where the pieces are in harmony. Every piece goes well with the other pieces cohesively. The ceiling fan is a natural attention grabber which could be difficult if you want it to blend in with the rest of the room. You wouldn’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb. See more here ceiling fan installation Brisbane

Fortunately, ceiling fans now come in a myriad of looks and design. You can pick different colours, materials, and even the number of blades. Most fan installation Brisbane shops carry fans made out of wood, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic.

Other features

Ceiling fans nowadays can come with new features unlike before. Some fans can also act as main lights for the room which you could control independent of the fan. This can save you space as well as the hassle of installing separate wiring and switch.

Meanwhile, in some ceiling fan installation Brisbane shops, you can also find remote-controlled ceiling fans. This is perfect if you want to control the fan from anywhere in the room. Other models even have a reverse function which lets you choose which way the blades spin. In Winter, you can switch it to counter-clockwise so the hot air near the ceiling is pushed downwards.

Get professionals to do it for you!

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