Benefits of using commercial oil filter machine


In the food business industry, the use of a commercial oil filter machine is one of the highly recommended best practices. This can have a significant impact on the quality of food prepared for the customers and the condition of the equipment used.

Ideally, you need to filter the oil in your commercial fryers once daily. However, if your fryer is continuously being used during the business hours, the oil must be filtered more often. Unfortunately, many business operators failed to recognise the importance of filtering their oil as often as necessary.

As a food service provider, your primary concern is to satisfy your customers. You can attain this by providing them delicacies that do not only satiate their taste buds but also enrich their health. That is why maintaining the quality of the ingredients you use, such as your fryer oil, is of paramount importance. And, using a commercial oil filter machine helps a lot in achieving that.

Here are some of the ways wherein the use of commercial oil filter equipment can be advantageous to your business.

  1. It helps preserve food taste. Obviously, dirty oil can affect food flavours in a negative way. You may not know it but customers can easily identify if the oil used is new or old. If a customer was dissatisfied with the taste and texture of the food cooked in dirty oil, this can be a bad sign for your business. Keeping your oil clean using an oil filter will save you from potential customer loses.
  1. It can prolong oil life. Filtering your oil frequently helps double its life. If you want to use clean fryer oil without buying a new one from time to time, straining it on a regular schedule would be a great solution.
  1. It can extend equipment life. Not only can dirty oil ruin the flavour and texture of the food but also the equipment used. Any cooking equipment used with oil, whether it’s a fryer or a commercial bbq grill can break down easily if not maintained properly. Dirty oil is a big contributor to this quick wear and tear of equipment.
  1. It helps the company save a lot. As a food business operator, you may not be realising it but just filtering your oil this frequent can help you save a lot in several ways.
  • Cost of oil. The prices of many food ingredients, including oil, increase continuously. Practice keeping your fryer oil clean so you wouldn’t need to buy a new one all the time.
  • Time. Changing your cooking oil can be a time-consuming and messy process. But if you use a fryer oil filter, you don’t have to change your oil too often. It keeps your oil clean and saves you from a messy job.

Whether it’s used in fast food or a fine dining restaurant, a commercial oil filter machine can be beneficial both to the business owners and their customers. Having one is certainly a great investment that can reap valuable returns for your business.

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