Common strange sounds of a car that needs servicing

More often than not, your Mitsubishi ASX shows signs when something is wrong and when it needs servicing. It often produces strange sounds that signal you need to find professional service Mitsubishi ASX immediately.

service mitsubishi asx

You just have to pay attention to these sounds instead of simply dismissing it as noise. Moreover, it can help if you know some of the common sounds that caused by specific problems. Here are some of them:

Growling, squealing or grinding sound when braking

These sounds signal about problematic brakes. One common issue is when your brake pad wears out, thus decreasing braking efficiency. It may seem a simple problem, but it can lead to a big disaster when left unattended. Bring your car to a Mitsubishi services centre before the problem leads to road accidents.

Wobbling sound

Loose wheel nuts or low tyre pressure can produce wobbly sound as you drive. It requires immediate car check, which you can do by yourself. Inspect the wheel nuts and grab your wrench to tighten it up. Also, check if your tyre has the right pressure, so you can fill it up or replace it with a spare.

Clicking sound when turning

If you have a front-wheel or all-wheel drive Mitsubishi ASX, you can possibly encounter clicking sound while turning. Then, it’s gone when you drive straight again. It’s easy to ignore, but it’s actually a sign of a problematic Constant Velocity (CV) joints on the front axle. Head to a reliable service Mitsubishi ASX centre for CV-joints replacement.

Whining sound

This is a common sign of problematic bearing balls somewhere in your car.

If you have a front-wheel-drive Pajero, for example, this sound could be present as you turn left or right. This signals a front-wheel bearing issue. On the other hand, a steadily increasing howl could be a sound from a problematic rear-wheel bearing. Either which, you need to bring your car to a reliable Pajero service centre for bearing upkeeps.

Squealing sound from under the hood when starting or accelerating

This squealing noise as you start up or accelerate could be a sign of problematic accessory or serpentine belts, which is connected to several parts of your car. This includes parts such as the air conditioning unit, alternator and steering pump among others. Thus, worn-out accessory or serpentine belts could lead to an additional problem with your car. Fortunately, problems with these belts are easy to fix by professional servicing.

Clunking or banging sound from under the hood

These rhythmic sound from beneath the hood signals serious engine issues with your Mitsubishi car. It could possibly be a problem with your piston, connecting rods or the valves. And talking with engine problems always requires urgent professional help. Contact reliable service Mitsubishi ASX centre immediately.

These are just a few of the strange sounds you can possibly hear from your car. And when you do, always listen to your precious Mitsubishi. If you’re not sure of its cause, always contact an accredited servicing centre to help you.

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