How to Start a Brand Ambassador Program for Your Business

The best brand ambassador programs recruit customers or clients who already love the services or products and they are willing to tell others about the same. Establishing your own program allows that customer to broadcast his or her reviews coupled with positive messages about your business via online sources. The brand ambassadors are simply raving fans who are not paid in most cases, but they receive some perks.

Benefits of running a brand ambassador program

There are numerous reasons why creating a marketing infuencer program is a good idea for your business, including:

  • While you may be offering some perks like free stuff and behind the scenes access, you essentially get free publicity as well as referrals from your existing customers
  • You do not have to hire many ambassadors to make a difference. If 20 of your happy customers can reach 100 people each with positive messages about you, there are now 2,000 people who have heard about your products and services
  • The program offers your biggest fans a chance to feel like part of your company
  • Since they are already happy customers, the messages they send out are authentic and potential new customers are more likely to hear them

Starting a brand ambassador program

Do not underestimate the value of good referrals, endorsements, and reviews done by your customers has on your business. If you would like to take advantage of that, here’s who to create one of the best brand ambassador programs in your industry:

  • Create a sub-culture around your company – Most people will tell others about your business because they feel like they are part of it and they want to spread the joy it brings. Start by creating a culture based on the mission, customer experience, or other benefits your company is offering. For instance, Disneyland is “The Happiest Place on Earth.”
  • Offer perks for brand ambassadors – Decide on whether the ambassadors receive more access to you, your products or services. Other possible rewards include a first look, tickets for special events, branded items, review samples, and much more.
  • Outline your program – Make sure you provide clear details of your program. If you would like help with designing an effective influencer marketing strategy, check this out.
  • Create metrics for measuring success – This will help you find out if the brand ambassadors are really delivering results. For instance, have the ambassadors use a hashtag on social media or offer them a special link that is like that found in affiliate programs.
  • Build a sense of community – Create a group, such as via Facebook, where your ambassadors will connect with you and others. Through the platform, gather feedback and provide participants with inside access, reminders, and tips on how to use your products and services.

Takeaways for creating the best brand ambassador programs

While working with brand ambassadors, it is critical that let them have creative control and consider rewarding the efforts they put into their work. And, most importantly, maintain open lines of communications so your ambassadors feel they are part of your business’ journey. If you would like to learn more, how to measure your ROI, or how to choose the right influencers, get in touch with The Influence Marketer today.