Signs of a problematic spark plug that needs servicing

A problematic spark plug significantly affects the performance of a car on Brisbane roads. It can pull down acceleration speed and the engine may fail to start because of ignition issues. Needless to say, a car that won’t start is definitely a headache when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Thus, you should immediately bring it to a reputable Brisbane CBD car service when you notice some spark plug problems.

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Get Brisbane servicing immediately when you notice common spark plug problems

The spark plug carries electrical signals from the ignition coil to create sparks. Such sparks are responsible for igniting the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. Thus, it’s a vital component to achieve superior fuel efficiency, which reflects the performance of a car on the road.

A problematic spark plug fails to burn fuel and air to initiate combustion in the engine. This leads to poor fuel efficiency, which can cause certain symptoms to show. And ignoring such symptoms can bring bigger engine problems to your car later on. Thus, it’s important to bring your automobile to a car service Albion centre immediately when you notice these signs:

1. Sluggish speed and acceleration

Accelerating problem is a common symptom of a faulty spark plug. Note that the spark plug produces enough heat to burn fuel and air; however, it eventually wears out on certain mileage. That causes your car to have slow acceleration, or even become sluggish on overall road performance. Thus, you should replace the spark plug every 30,000 miles to avoid this problem

2. Engine misfiring

Misfiring of the engine means the machine skips one or a few steps in the combustion cycle. A few problems can possibly cause it, with damaged spark plug being a common one. This symptom usually manifests through recurring smothering sound or stumbling of the engine. Moreover, engine misfiring decreases engine power, increases exhaust emission and pulls down fuel economy.

Those engine problems could hassle and cost you if you don’t give it proper servicing. Thus, a car service Brisbane service shops can do is necessary.

3. Unresponsive engine

Is your engine not responding on your cues properly? That could be a spark plug problem. For example, your engine power may increase drastically but then suddenly drop while accelerating. That’s because it takes in more air while combusting, resulting in faulty power delivery.

Yes, other technical issues could cause such engine symptom. However, a drastic increase and sudden drop in engine power probably result from a spark plug problem. Therefore, consult a Brisbane CBD car service centre to figure out the real problem.

4. Difficult to start your car

As mentioned earlier, the spark plug transmits electric signals to ignite the fuel and air mixture in the engine. If you have a worn-out spark plug, it could be difficult to initiate such ignition. And that makes it difficult to start your car. Thus, you should consult experts from a reliable Brisbane CBD car service for spark plug replacements.

5. Rough engine

A problematic spark plug can also cause rough engine when your car is idle. You can notice this because of the jerky engine and too many vibrations. And if the problem gets worse, you can observe a rough engine even while driving.

These are common symptoms of a problematic spark plug that you shouldn’t ignore. Otherwise, this can lead to poor car performance and further engine damage. Thus, you should find a reputable car servicing centre in Brisbane immediately.

And if you own a Peugeot, go to the nearest Peugeot service centre to fix spark plug problems.

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