When Is the Best Time to Service a Mitsubishi Vehicle?

If you’re a proud Mitsubishi car owner, then there’s one question that matters: what are the Mitsubishi service centers near me?

With proper care and prompt repair, your vehicle can hold on as much of its value over the years as possible. This way, you can still look forward to a good return in case you decide to sell it. Of course, it can be useful beyond five years.

In case you don’t know the best time to visit a Mitsubishi dealer service center, the following points can help you decide:

1. Model and Year

Like other vehicle manufacturers, Mitsubishi doesn’t recommend a standard maintenance schedule. It varies, depending on the model and year of the vehicle. That’s why you have to read your manual before you take the car for a spin.

Take, for example, two Lancers with the different release year. You should have brought your 2017 vehicle to a Mitsubishi Lancer service centre at its 33rd month or after 41,250 miles, whichever came first. Your next maintenance will be two months after or once its mileage reached 45,000 miles.

If you bought your Lancer in 2014, past maintenance should have been on the vehicle’s 54th month or 67,500 miles. The next one will be at 60 months or 75,000 miles.

2. Purpose for Driving

If you’re using the vehicle for business operations, then you’re more likely to ask, “What are the Mitsubishi service centers near me?”

Using your vehicle for hours almost on a daily basis can hasten the wear of its parts. The car will likely go through less-desirable driving conditions. These include dusty roads, potholes, extended use of brakes, icy highways, or hot weather.

3. Type of Service

The time to query “What is the Mitsubishi service department near me?” may also depend on the type of service you’re looking for. It falls into two categories: minor and major.

Minor services may include suspension, changing of tyres, checking of the brakes, or monitoring of the oil levels. The service centre can perform these every 12 months, which is usually the standard maintenance schedule.

Every two years, your vehicle may need major services. These lights and electrical systems checkups, alignment of the wheels, changing of the air filter, or replacement of the air conditioner.

4. Insurance

Car insurance is costly. If you want to reduce your premium or not go beyond what you’re paying right now, look for a service centre and have a professional check your vehicle. You can use the expert’s assessment as proof you deserve a lower insurance payment.

A visit to the service department is also necessary if your vehicle met an accident. Insurance has adjusters who will evaluate your claim; however, you can also conduct your own assessment with the help of an independent expert.

Contrary to popular belief, vehicles can last for a long time. In fact, in Australia, the average age of cars is already 10.1 years old.

You can extend its lifespan while maintaining its mint condition as long as you know how to ask, “What are the reliable Mitsubishi service centers near me?”

Then, you make sure you follow the guidelines in the owner’s manual and the recommendations of the auto experts.