Why your windscreen looks ugly

When we think of a good looking car, parts such as the hood, wheels, and seats come to mind. Not many people pay attention to the windows and the windscreen–the parts that you can see through. As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”, and being nearly invisible doesn’t attract much attention.


So, some would be surprised that these panels of glass can get broken over time. And, not just broken because of car accidents or a thief trying to get a free ride. They break just like how the paint peels off or the engine gets into trouble.

Cracks that the eye can see

The most common reason to replace a windscreen is a crack. When it comes to damaged glass this is the first thing people can think of.

Outside of being broken on purpose, there are a few reasons this can happen to your car.

Heat and sunlight:

Sudden changes in outdoor temperature can affect the integrity of the glass. This can happen when driving from the shade into direct sunlight. Or, cold water suddenly pours on the car during a very hot day.

Extreme temperatures can also be another cause, as leaving your car in the sun can make the interior very, very hot. This can make any material stretch and expand. Glass is too brittle for stretching and warping so they crack instead.

Dust and dirt:

Driving too close to other vehicles can expose your car to flying dust and other particles from their rear tires that could hit the windscreen. This causes the glass to be sandblasted, meaning the windscreen becomes foggy hard to see through while driving.

It’s not unheard of for small rocks to cause cracked or chipped windscreens as well. Whatever the case, this creates the need for new windscreens.

Improper installation:

If the windscreen is not set on the car properly, chances are it will start to break. Uneven pressure due to the glass not set properly can cause it to be damaged. Or, maybe the glass that was installed is of lower quality.

If the windscreen is to be replaced, make sure that only a professional does the job to avoid any mistakes.

Scratches on the glass surface

If it’s not cracked, then it’s scratched. This is very annoying as scratched paint can be fixed far more easily.


Over time the rubber edges of the wipers get torn and nicked. If not replaced soon enough, this can leave marks on the glass.

Poor cleaning:

There’s a reason microfibre cloths are recommended for washing cars. Poor cleaning using unreliable material can cause scratches on the windscreen.

Random debris:

Leaves, branches, and other litter can get blown away by the wind and into your vehicle while driving. There’s always a chance that those objects can leave a scratch while they’re being pushed around by the wind.

What to do when these happen to your vehicle? If the crack is small enough, it can be repaired with filler compounds. Scratches can be polished away. However, if the damage is too extensive, you’d be better off with windscreen repairs in Cumbria.

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